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About PKGS Holdings

Discover Exquisite Flavors and Premium Spirits At PKGS Holdings. Unwind In Style Today

Step into a realm where luxury meets convenience, where the world’s most exceptional libations are at your fingertips. Embark on a journey of flavour discovery, making every occasion an opportunity to savour life’s most refined pleasures. Elevate your spirits and indulge in the extraordinary at our online liquor emporium today. Your next unforgettable experience awaits.

Our Vision

Our Vision: Elevating Experiences, Redefining Taste

PKGS Holdings envisions a world where the finest spirits from global distilleries unite, crafting a tapestry of exceptional tastes. We are dedicated to curating a diverse collection that redefines liquor appreciation, pushing the boundaries of tradition and quality. Our passion for excellence drives us to create a community of connoisseurs, igniting a new era in the world of spirits.

What We Do

PKGS INTERNATIONAL LLC, is an independent entity that specializes in foreign trade. Head quartered in Dubai; we have distilleries globally which produces a variety of alcoholic spirits. Our distilleries are located in various parts of the globe to ensure we provide the best quality alcoholic spirits. In 2019, PKGS scaled up its business and forayed into producing premium wines in South Africa. The Company exports these premium wine liquor brands world-wide.

The distillery in South Africa is known for the award-winning St Rhine VSOP and VS Cape Pot Still brandy and our Brandy Master works his magic to ensure consistently superior taste and flavours. We also produce premium quality wines such as the Wild Safari Wine range in South Africa.

The distillery in Armenia is specialized in production of premium alcoholic spirits such as Mountain Reserve 12 years Single Malt Whisky, Black Smoke 12 Years blended Whisky and Beau Cape 5 years blended Brandy.

We also pride ourselves in producing our Silver Volk Vodka in the South of Russia which is famous for its high-quality spirits and crystal-clear spring water from the melting snow on the mountains. Blended into our super-premium Silver Volk Vodka.

Manufacturing network worldwide

A testament to our success, sealed by experts. Here’s a showcase of the vast footprint of the production capabilities through owned and contracted facilities of PKGS Holdings across the length and breadth of the world.

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